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TRI offers a Salt Water Character Curve(SWCC) package that includes the following data:
  • SaturatedHydraulic Conductivity – ASTM D 2434 or ASTM D 5084 depending on the flow rate ofthe soil
  • Moisture Content, Bulk Density, and Total Porosity
  • 5-7 Point Soil Water Characteristic Curve, Wetting or Drying
  • Curve fitting using both the van Genuchten and Brooks-Corey methods

TRI also has the ability to add additional points to SWCC using:
  • Hanging Column Method, Triaxial Pressure Plate, Chilled Mirror Hygrometer, Filter Paper, and Relative Humidity Box
  • Rapid Determination of residual moisture content
  • 5-7 Point Soil Water Characteristic Curve, Wetting or Drying
  • Matric Suction Potential using Filter Paper Method

For your convenience we have created a unsaturated soils test request form that you may download below. For a complete list of unsaturated soils testing services, click here. Additional geotechnical testing services are explained on the geotechnical testing page.

Unsaturated Soils Test Request Form