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Materials Tested

Interface Friction


Geotechnical Testing

Unsaturated Soil


Durability Testing

SAME-DAY Seam Testing

Recycled Plastics


TRI is very active in the plastic pipe testing industry as an independent third party provider of quality assurance auditing and testing services.

TRI serves the Plastic Pipe Institute as the administrator of the PPI's Verification of Certification Program. In this role, TRI performs in-plant auditing of corrugated high density polyethylene pipe manufacturers to evaluate their compliance with governing quality control programs. In addition, TRI laboratories support both the PPI and National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) testing regimens. TRI provides the following laboratory tests on pipe and component resins.

Pipe Stiffness, @5% Deflection

ASTM D 2412

Flattening (Buckling / Deflection)

ASTM D 2412


ASTM D 2444

Joint Integrity

ASTM D 3212

Carbon Black Percentage

ASTM D 4218

Measurements; Dimensions

ASTM D 2122