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TRI/Environmental is a full service ARML & GAI-LAP accredited geotechnical and geosynthetic testing laboratory and validated by the US Army Corps of Engineers. TRI has one civil and three geotechnical engineers on staff who review, coordinate, and assist with our clients geotechnical testing programs. Our geotechnical testing projects range from tailings dams, windmill foundations, landfills, dam and embankment slope stability, to offshore projects. TRI’s unique capabilities allow us to provide independent service for a full range of geotechnical and geosynthetic testing services. Our independence ensures that our firm will not be in competition with yours for the same projects. Our engineering staff is available to assist you and your clients needs. To initiate a project, please contact John Allen, P.E.

TRI’s Capabilities:

Our fully automated laboratory is equipped with two triaxial load frames with flow pumps where we can apply effective confining stresses up to 400 psi. We’re capable of performing multi-stage, iso & anisotropic (kO) consolidation, triaxial extension tests, and we’re familiar with the SHANSEP method.  We have 13 traditional 1-D consolidation frames and constant rate of strain consolidation capabilities.  With our three direct shear boxes we can determine peak and residual strength for single and multi-stage specimens. We also have the ability to perform direct simple shear (DSS).

In addition to this we have 56 triaxial permeability chambers with permeameters for fastest turnaround time possible. TRI also has the ability to determine soil water characteristic curves for unsaturated soils.  In addition to our advanced geotechnical testing capabilities we also have the ability to perform classification, granular permeability, Proctor and index density testing.

TRI’s Leadership:

Geotechnical testing operations at TRI are directly overseen by Dr. Jeffrey A. Kuhn. Jeff received his PhD in geotechnical engineering from The University of Texas in 2010. Prior to joining TRI in July of 2012, Jeff practiced as a geotechnical consultant in Austin, Texas. 

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