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Materials Tested

Interface Friction


Geotechnical Testing

Unsaturated Soil


Durability Testing

SAME-DAY Seam Testing

Recycled Plastics


Custom Blending

We can prepare and evaluated small batches (1 Kg) of pellets on our laboratory twin screw extruder to determine the effects of specific recycled batches on blend properties. This is useful to optimize the use of recycled materials in a given application.

If one wants to know how two materials will behave when blended, we can make blends of 25, 50, and 75% and measure the resulting properties.  Theoretically, one should be able to predict performance based only on the two component's properties and a knowledge of how different properties change in PE blends.  However, experience has shown that in the case of recycled, the blends almost always deviate from the predicted lines because of the varied contaminants found in the recycled resins.