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TRI/Environmental, Inc. (TRI) is an independent, third party, geosynthetics firm providing geosynthetics testing and research services to the international community. TRI is unaffiliated with any manufacturer or engineering firm, and thus provides non-competitive services to regulators, manufacturer, engineering firms, contractors and installers.

TRI provides laboratory conformance/verification testing as well as performance related studies. In addition to routine index testing in accordance with ASTM, ISO, BS, DIN and GRI test methods, TRI also provides standardized interface friction, permeability, creep and stress-rupture, transmissivity, gradient ratio, UV-resistance, chemical resistance, and accelerated time-temperature creep and stress rupture testing.

TRI's personnel are active throughout the world's standards development organizations and routinely provide short courses, seminars and tailor made training services to those learning about geosynthetics.

Many of TRIís services are listed below:

Conformance/Verification Testing Interface Friction/Slope Stability Testing
In-Plant Sampling / Inspection Same-Day Seam Testing
Forensics / Investigations Geotechnical (soil/rock) Testing
Erosion Control Testing Durability Testing
Connection/Pull-out Testing High Strength Material Testing
Large-Scale Compression/Puncture Clogging Potential
Creep / Stress Rupture Testing Material Specification Review Services
Recycled Plastics Services Installation Damage Testing
Unsaturated Soils Testing Short Courses Training